when the prophet Elijah
was standing in the
a friend came up to him and

"is there anyone in the
who will have a share in
the world to come?"

Elijah looked about him
and with a sigh he

Then he looked about again
and he pointed to two men
who had just entered the
and were making their way
through the crowds.

"Those two men will have a
share in the world to come."

"What is their occupation
and what have they done to
deserve it?"
asked Elijah's friend.

"They are Clowns"
Elijah replied,
"and when they see people
troubled in mind
or heavy with sorrow,
they make them laugh,
and when they see people
who quarrel,
they make peace between

This site is dedicated to
Canadian Clown teacher  
Richard Pochinko,
and to the artists, clowns,
teacher/guides and friends
who have been inspired
to "know themselves"
by exploring his
Mask/Clown technique.

It documents the history
and evolution of the work
beginning  in Paris 1970,
continuing to this day
and provides
a guide to
"facing yourself in 7 directions".
Richard's essential"mask
as well as community and clown

False Face Society
inspired by  trickster societies of
this continent  and by our "guide"  
JAH-SMIH, (jonsmith),

clowns and guides trained in
Richard Pochinko mask technique

Ian A.Wallace a.k.a. nion

Vancouver, Canada
keeper of the house
richard pochinko
false face society