ric, jan miller, jan henderson, theatre resource,
ottawa 1975
, photo by Douglas Wallace
the south of france, september,1970
richard pochinko and friend, centaur theatre, montreal,1982
ian & ric photos 1

Sept. 1970 we bought
this car in paris and
set off on our journey
- touring europe
experiencing theatre
and art in france, italy,
greece, austria,
switzerland, germany,
poland, denmark,
holland, england &
In an abandoned convent on Breezehill Ave. in Ottawa,
Richard and Ann Skinner incorporated the

Theatre Resource Centre on July 4, 1975. The first month's
rent was paid by a 649 lotto ticket that Richard bought!
Jan Miller, Jan Henderson, Linda Rabin, Ellen P
Richard, Ann and myself, Ian A. Wallace,

formed the board of directors.
We had a company of 20 performers in a program of
creative theatre & dance techniques.  
Our major
with multiple casts performing was  
Byron's "Cain". The school disbanded after a year,
however, the
Theatre Resource Centre concept was kept
, Ann took the filing cabinet, created a piece called
as well as "The Ninth Wave" then re-surfaced
in Toronto several years later in our studio on Adelaide St.
Ric + Ian continued to evolve the mask/clown
through workshops and performances.  
This was the manifestation of the school
as was foretold in the Paris talks.
richard worked as a
puppet and mask
manipulator for the
ingenious creator,
Felix Mirbt and his
production of
"Woyzec", produced
by the Centaur
Theatre and the
National Arts Centre.
Summer 1985  our last picnic on the
Toronto Islands with ric, gabriel,
kathleen kennedy our super
administrator. Mike Kennard and John
Turner create  "Mump & Smoot", Fiona
Griffiths movement teacher, and
Richard and Ian, co-artistic directors of
the Theatre Resource Centre
ian as "The General" in Conrad Alexandrovitz's "Auto-Da-Fe"
ink drawing of rona gold by ian
woodill st,
 halifax, 1969,
marc connors,  University of
Alberta Drama . i worked with marc
at Stratford in the fall of  1974, we
were part of the "young Company"
directed by Robin Phillips.  Toured
across Canada with "A Comedy of
Errors" and "Two Gentlemen of
Verona".  Jan Kudelka and i shared
an apt. across from the Avon
Theatre.  He had just played
"jesus" in "Godspell" in Halifax at
Neptune Theatre.
richard, ian and neil in Central Park, N.Y.,
July 4, 1984 New York Clown Festival
organized by John Towsen.
centaur theatre, montreal
ian by nikko, 1974,  548A Yonge St.
ric & michael rudder preparing for Royal Bros. Circus, N.A.C. Ottawa
jude marshak, linda mancini, ian, jan miller, toronto 1989
archie wallace, edinburgh 1925  ian & douglas, edinburgh 1950    S.S. "Homeland", to Canada 1951    douglas & ian, edmonton 1952
In 1980, Richard, Deb Silver and Dominique Fecteau formed the company
"Derido", to mount the first production of
"Nion - Kabaret de la Vita
We transformed an old strip bar on St. Catherine's st. into an avante-garde
performance space which is known today as the "Fou-foune Electrique".
Following a critically-acclaimed
(by Le Devoir, Journal de Montreal, La
Presse, and the Star)
run on "the Main", we were invited by
Paul Buissoneau  to move "Nion" up to his highly respected
french "Theatre-Quatre-Sous".
From Montreal we took "Nion" to a new
Toronto club on Queen St., the
Rivoli,  opened by friends Andre Rosenbaum, sister Anique and David Stern.  
Following another successful run there we were invited uptown to the
"Toronto Workshop Productions" space by George Luscombe.  

Richard, Ian & Derido were honored with 6 Dora Mavor Moore nominations.
We were unknown, avante garde up against the major theatres,
received fabulous reviews, but we lost
and i am told that this helped create the "small theatre" category
clown guide, Memorial University
St. John's, Newfoundland 2005
marc thomas connors
recording for Nylons
Philosophostophos in the Beavers
my lovely brothers, Gordon and Douglas  
Hallowe'en 1959, Sherwood Park,
photo by Archie Wallace
the radiant yanina, from berlin and richard pochinko, paris, november 1970, they had
photo by ian.  richard and yanina had performed man meets woman in a jacques le
coq neutral mask session.  She cooked
ratoutouille for us sometimes in our room.  
Ian with Wendy Gorling, far right, and friends from the
Le Coq Mime School, Paris 1970,photo by Richard      
Below, centre back, is Robin Patterson.
clown in our kitchen,
38 maclaren st.,
ottawa, 1973
Below, richad in high park, toronto, sept. 1969, starting
rehearsals for
"HAIR"   i began a series of "vudu kween"
from my dream visits and ouija.  We were shortly to
meet some of the people who had been on the ship in our
Halifax rescue mission "dreamtime" including Judy
Marshak, Denis Simpson, and Michael Rudder.  At this
time we lived above a store on Bay St. at Dundas,

across from the Greyhound Bus Depot.
Barbara Anderson Boyd Wallace with Ian A.        Archie Wallace, Dusseldorf, Germany 1944

Richard asked if he could call my parents "Mum + Dad",  they were pleased to do so.
Ian & Douglas, far right, Mummers
Edinburgh 1950, photo by Arch
Guadeloupe, Club Med, with the Nylons, 1983.
I remember my father coming
home from work one night to our
pre-fab in SightHill, Edinburgh.  
At supper he asked "who wants
to go to Canada", "I do, I do" said
I.  Barbara came because we
were going, she wanted to stay in
Scotland.  We boarded a German
liner the "Homeland" coming
from Hamburg, at Southampton
in July 1951 and headed out over
the North Atlantic towards,
Halifax, then New York where the
ship was to be scrapped, it was
old, but beautifully art deco.  As
landed immigrants at Halifax we
travelled by train first to Montreal,
short stop, visit to beer parlor
then back on train, destination
Edmonton, Alberta.
ian postering for Nion
photo by Neil Gordon Lees
Michael Rudder, clown workshop
Joey Clown, Ottawa 1972, photo by Douglas Wallace
Ian 1974, 548A Yonge St., Toronto
photo by Nikko De Angelis
 Different hat + face = "Auguste Clown" magic!
Beautiful Auguste Richard!