A founding member of Toronto's Theatre Resource Centre
(1975), Ian worked in partnership with Richard Pochinko
to evolve the T.R.C. Mask/Clown Technique, a uniquely
Canadian approach to Mask largely drawn from
Amerindian sources and to establish a safe, creative
environment for theatre artists.  
Since 1976 he has led extensive mask/clown workshops for the T.R.C., and in schools and
theatres across the country, including: Mummers Theatre, Newfoundland; Niagara-on-the
Lake Mime School; Maggie Basset Studio; University of Toronto; Parks Canada;
Da-Boj-A-Ma-Jig Theatre, Manitoulin Island; Native Earth Theatre; Caravan Farm Theatre;
Vancouver Film School; Workshops in the Performing Arts, Van.; Street Kids at Station Street
Theatre, Van.; Musqueam teens;  ongoing (10yr.) mask therapy for Friends for Life and People
with Aids, Vancouver; Keremeos, Youth on Purpose, outward bound camps for teens; Xenia,
Bowen Island,  attitudinal healing ; Mask for young teens from the Squamish Nation; Theatre
Terrific, neutral mask training; Memorial University, St. John's, Nfld., Cianciana, Sicily, 6 in 1
mask/clown work.  It is a workshop of self-discovery, a way in to your creative source and how
to use your unique energies to create a character and clown. The students will make their own
mask as well as learn to  internal technique with emphasis on interpret any other character
mask simply communication, gesture, body language and through form and color, bypassing
the thought process
Neutral, Character Mask, Clowning with Richard Pochinko for 12 years
Journeyman actor, Stratford Festival with Robin Phillips  
Movement  Expression, Linda Rabin, Montreal
Voice, Anne Skinner, Ottawa and Toronto
Film Technique, MarushkaStankova, N.F.B. Toronto
Stage-Craft, Neptune Theatre, Halifax
Mask-making, Set Design, Graphics, Painting, Vancouver Art School
B. Ed. University of Alberta, Mathematics & Art.
Performance work as  a multi-disciplinary theatre artist, bringing together elements of mask,
clown, ritual ceremony, video and graphic arts.   Journeyman actor at the Stratford Festival in 1974,
continued to perform primarily in Toronto and Montreal for Nightwood, Native Earth, T.W.P.,
Tarragon, Factory, Theatre Centre, Quatre-Sous, PasseMuraille, the Citadel in Edmonton,
Gastown Actors Studio, Vancouver.  Played a diversity of characters including Jean Genet, Picasso,
Hitler, Ezra Pound, Pythagoras, Alfred Jarry's Supermale, Goldsmith's Mr. Hardcastle, Jan
Kudelka's American Demon as well as Nion  and numerous Fools.  Co-founder and artistic
director of the Theatre Resource Centre in Toronto for 10 years, collaborated with Richard
Pochinko from 1971 to evolve what is now known as Pochinko Mask/Clown.  Brought together
professional actors and people with life-threatening illnesses.   Adapted and directed two short
Pirandello plays, interweaving personal  healing stories in a ceremonial mask structure presented
at St. John's church in the west end of Vancouver.
Directing theatre
Vital Signs                               Jane Martin,  The Cavern, Vancouver
Woman With a
Flower in Her Mouth             Luigi Pirandello
The License                            Luigi Pirandello
Andre's Mother                       Playlet, Theatre Positive, Vancouver
The Maids                               Jean Genet, TRC, Toronto
Red Noses                               Peter Barnes, TRC, Toronto
Passages                                  Mask, Ritual, TRC, Toronto
Asylum                                     Clown Show, TRC, Toronto
Winter Solstice                        Mummers Play, St. John's, Newfoundland
Circus Bizarro                         Outdoor Circus, Kensington, T.O.
Cyrc en Bicycle                       Outdoor Circus, Ottawa, N.C.C.
Duck Off                                  Melissa Aston, Vancouver Fringe
Dora award nominations for Nion:    
performance, direction, production,
costume design, set design.  

Best new musical, American Demon.  
Genie nomination, Kabaret de la Vita
Dora Award, Pythagoras
Member:   B.C.U.P, Actor's Equity
Ian Wallace (nion) as The General in Auto-da-fe,  created by Conrad Alexandrovitch,
Dancemakers, Toronto
Nion in Kabaret de la Vita, Rivoli, Toronto, 1981
Ian A. Wallace a.k.a. Nion
Contact:  info@richardpochinko.com