ian by nikko, toronto 1973
Introduction to Mask/Clown      (a catalyst for creative awakening)

Sculpting your own mask on clay with the eyes closed
provides an opportunity to listen inside, and is a key
to uncovering your creative source.  The mask is built
using papier mache and paint, becoming a tool for
self-discovery through a series of improvisations with
emphasis on gesture, communication, body language and
voice, bypassing the thought process.  Your masks lead
you into the creation of your clown/trickster.  
Trickster medicine wheel takes you on a journey facing
yourself in 6 directions. The seventh mask,
trickster/clown/buffo/zanii/heyoka brings all 6
together and is represented by the clown nose.

In our workshops, you may make 6 masks (one for each
direction), 3  axis masks (N/S,E/W,Above/Below)
developed and taught by Jan Henderson and Nion or,
the latest development in the evolution of "
the *NEW* 6 in 1 mask taught by
Nion (Ian A. Wallace) and
Sara Tilley, where you make
1 mask containing all 6 rhythms. This new approach
allows us to offer a baby clown workshop in a shorter
period of time.
pochinko mask & clown training*

created by Richard Pochinko and Ian
Wallace beginning in 1970 in Toronto,
Canada, provides a unique and simple
approach to self-knowledge & expression,
combining european and amerindian mask &
*(c).ian wallace.1997
Richard Pochinko Mask/Clown teachers
karen-rae, ju-ee goh, ian, sara at St. John's Church in Vancouver
London, Ontario, Cheryl Cashman

New York, N.Y., Debra Kaufman

Vancouver, Ian Wallace

Vancouver, David MacMurray Smith
ian in st. john's newfoundland, memorial university 6 in 1 mask/clown workshop, sioban, jamie, matthew, sara tilley