group attunement
sanctify the space
power spot and small circle
charging your small circle
facing yourself in 7 directions
balancing polarities
return to childhood
waving goodbye to someone you love
mask exploration
1. Group attunement
Standing together in a circle in the centre of the room  looking at each other, the
community, reflect back what you see from around the circle making contact
with each one, mirror body movements, faces, etc.  

With eyes closed imagine the sun in the centre.  Move your feet into the earth
and let your head be lifted to the sky, easy, everything supported, floating,
spaces between the joints and vertebrae.  Feel the heat of the sun on your body,
your bones, drop in an impulse for a yawn, stretch and sigh, making
this 2 or 3 times to get in touch with your centre for sound.  

Make a "huh"  sound, easy, from the same place as the sigh....evolve it into  a
"huh, huh"    then into "huh hmmm  aah"getting the lips to vibrate, and the aah
to pop out...then find a rooted "hmmmm" for yourself, listen to the sound
around the circle with the eyes closed. Feel the oneness, this is the attunement.
2. Sanctify the space
Feeling the oneness of the group, continue to draw the light from the sun in the centre,
through your body and out your back into the space ...turn around and  move with sound
out into the space,  claiming it with sound and movement, dancing, running, jumping, claps,
yells, rattles, coyote sounds, laughs, yells, for 3 or 4 minutes clearing all darkcorners.
3. Power Spot and Small Circle
Move through the space with eyes half closed sensing from your gut for your power spot.   
When you feel the power spot, stand on it and make a small circle around you.  Make this a
ritual for yourself, preparing a safe space in which to explore the energy of your inner creativity.
4. Charging your small circle
An animal marks its space by peeing on it.   Make a sound and movement, i call it a song and
dance, or kinetic signature, to claim and charge your small circle with your spirit energy for 1 or
2 minutes.  Inside your charged circle, feel yourself filled with light,  standing in neutral, you are
a receptive vessel, ready to receive.  With eyes closed face toward the east, ready to journey
the 6 direction medicine wheel.
5. Medicine Wheel, Opening to 6 directions
1. Below, Below. (Feminine)

See yourself as one with Mother Earth, creator of life, provider of nourishment and sustenance. Send a
wave of light from your centre down through the layers of earth, sand, rocks, insects,  right to the very
centre of the living earth. See an image of yourself at the centre and imagine growing into and filling the
earth with your body, the ground and trees are your skin, the waters are your blood, the rocks are your
bones, the wind is your breath, the fire is your heart, lose yourself in the living Earth and let your body
and voice move as Mother Earth, receive her rhythms and slowly start to express it in sound and
your "song and dance" for below, below, the earth. once you feel connected and open to the
earth, relax back to neutral, give thanks for what you received
5. North (Mystery, Unknown)  Continue turning 90 degrees to the right, you are facing North, in darkness
for most of the year, mystery, the unknown.   Project your image to the North, how do you approach the
unknown in your life?  Make a gesture, receive and express the rhythm, the sound, in a song and dance
for the North, the gift of the North, for today.   Again after you have received the opening from the
North and expressed it in sound and movement, give thanks for what you have received.
2. East (New Beginnings)

See yourself as a seed that has been planted in the rich, fertile earth, feel the warmth and light of the sun
and allow yourself to sprout. As you emerge from the earth facing to the East see a beautiful beach, the
sunlight of a new day appearing on the horizon, hear the song of birds heralding and celebrating a new
beginning.  Send an image of yourself to the sun, filling the space with your energy think of a "new
beginning" in your life and celebrate it here with a sound and gesture that becomes your song and dance
for the East.   Receive the opening to the East, relax back to neutral, give thanks
for what you received.
3. South (Energy)  like a sunflower, turn and follow the rise of the sun to it's highest point at noon, in
the south. Feel the heat and light energy of the sun in the south, see yourself in the sun and, open
and  express the rhythm of the South, as before allow a sound and gesture as you face and open to
the South, let it evolve into a song and dance for South, then knowing that you have opened  relax
back to neutral and give thanks for the gift of the South.
24,1997 (c.) ian wallace
pochinko false face society exxential preparatory mask exercises
6.  Above, Above  (Masculine)  continuing the spiral, send a quantum wave of light up, through your
body, out your head to the furthest star you can imagine, see yourself at that place make a gesture and
sound and reflect back the feeling of being above, above, let it fill you, making a song and dance for
Above, Above, knowing that you have opened, return to neutral and give thanks for what you received.  
walking to the wall eyes closed
walking into the room
color work
First time: follow through the whole wheel to familiarize yourself with the process.    

Second time:  Have paper and pencil, crayon or paint, available to make a gesture line drawing
the feeling in each direction as you proceed. Take 2 minutes, then back to neutral for the
next direction, mark on your paper the name of the drawing
for each direction.
4.  West (Gentle Endings)  Continue following the sun 90 degrees to the right and face to the West
where the sun sets.  see yourself on the horizon at the setting sun.  Gentle endings, what has come to

completion in your life send it off to the west.  Let your body make a gesture and a sound for this - let
it evolve into a song and dance for the west.  Let it go and give thanks for what you have received.
7.  Trickster/Clown  (Innocense/Experience)  aware of the three lines of energy through your body.  
to west.  Where these three intersect is your unique position in the universe.  Turn to the
direction that felt most unfamiliar to you, spend a few minutes there and dialogue with that feeling.
If there is an animal or color there let yourself open to what their message is.  Then, after a couple
of minutes go to the direction that felt the most like home to you, fill yourself with that strength,  
find out more about what is there for you, an animal or color to dialogue with.  Back to centre and
be aware of opening your whole  sphere in all these
6 directions, radiant, magnetic, in and out,
radiant and magnetic
, allow a   song and dance to evolve letting any and all of these energies
come out in sound and movement, spontaneous, unexpected, celebratory, within your safe circle.
Add the clown nose - you contain all these possibilities within your being!  Take yourself to
innocense and play!  Individual directional energies may be used to help you play specific
characters, or clowns.  The mask is a tool to bring you inside to your creative potential.
This is the
beginning of your
number 7 direction, (trickster/clown/zany/mischief maker.......)
2.  6 in 1 mask.   Two approaches. For the first -have a neutral head-size lump of clay available.  
As you go through each direction, take 2 minutes to
mark the movement for that direction in a part
of the clay
, don't think about it.  Follow the movement in your body, into your hands, onto the
make  clear and distinct impressions.  Then briefly mark it on paper noting the direction.  You
will do this 6 times on one mask with eyes closed.  And you will have a paper chart reminding you
which movement refers to each direction.  The 6 impressions will be keys taking you into your
internal creative energies. Perform the checking process explained above, do not view the clay until
this is complete.
6: Forming a mask in clay:
1.  Making an individual mask for each direction.  have a neutral head-size lump of clay available.
Mark on the clay where your eyes and nose would be.  With the eyes closed internalize the
sound/rhythm for that direction as above.  Bring that movement through your fingers into every
part of the clay, take no more than 5 minutes for this.  Then come back to neutral.  Re-internalize
the rhythm, bring your fingers to the clay and change any parts of the mask which do not match
the rhythm.  Come back to neutral.  This is called a checking process.  Always with eyes closed.  
Continue this until no more changes are made - then you may open your eyes. Form 6 masks.
The second way to form a 6 in 1 mask.  Have a small palm-size ball of clay for each direction. Also
a sheet of paper on which you can indicate the direction that each formed segment represents.  
With the clay in hand and eyes closed, from neutral, internalize the rhythm of the direction you are
working with, let it form a shape, when it feels like that shape gives you back the rhythm of the
direction, place it, and take another ball of clay.  Repeat this 6 times until you have formed a piece
for each direction.  Choose which piece would work as a nose, and fit the other pieces around like
a jig-saw puzzle, you may papier mache each shape and then fit them together, joining the edges.