theatre resource centre:
founded 1975
ottawa, canada

mandate: to evolve a distinctly North American
approach to the training of Canada's young
Under the Artistic guidance of Richard
Pochinko, a leading figure in the modern
resurgence of mask and clown, and
Ian A. Wallace, widely acclaimed for his
character/clown Nion, the TRC has offered
professional artists from diverse disciplines the
opportunity to collaborate in the evolution of a
new theatrical form that is uniquely Canadian.

At the heart of TRC work are the
workshop/classes of "Atelier Pochinko".
These incorporate elements of European &
Amerindian mask and clown, with a creative
thrust that involves risk, stretching beyond
known craft, and providing artists with a safe
atmosphere in which to let go.

TRC was founded by
Pochinko and Anne Skinner in 1975,
from their workshop at the
National Arts Centre.

Founding Members & Teachers:

Richard Pochinko
Anne Skinner
Jan Henderson
Jan Miller
Ellen Pierce
Linda Rabin
Ian Wallace

"Richard Pochinko False Face Society"