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Origin of give a rats ass

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Note: This page may contain terms or definitions that are offensive or inappropriate for some readers. Any of several hoofed mammals of the genus Equus, resembling and closely related to the horses but having a smaller build and longer ears, and including the domesticated donkey. The buttocks. That is one crazy-ass idea.
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Definition of rat's ass

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"Rat's Ass" Coin - Literally give a Rat's Ass! – ZFG Inc. - Zero Fucks Coin

Have you ever seen one? Nobody has. Nobody gives them because it would violate anti-animal-cruelty laws. We need to develop a Rat Valuation System that would cover this issue. This needs to be studied and certain logistical problems solved before the gifting of the asses of rats becomes widespread.
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I Don’t/Wouldn’t/Couldn’t Give A Shit/Flying Fuck/Rat’s Ass/Damn

White elephants were once considered highly sacred creatures in Thailand—the animal even graced the national flag until —but they were also wielded as a subtle form of punishment. According to legend, if an underling or rival angered a Siamese king, the royal might present the unfortunate man with the gift of a white elephant. While ostensibly a reward, the creatures were tremendously expensive to feed and house, and caring for one often drove the recipient into financial ruin. Whether any specific rulers actually bestowed such a passive-aggressive gift is uncertain, but the term has since come to refer to any burdensome possession—pachyderm or otherwise. In its earliest incarnation in the s, the expression described condemned men who struggled the longest when they were executed by hanging.
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It knows everything. But apparently not. And all of a sudden, he leaps out of the box, runs in tight circles in an absolute panic which in a bathroom that small is a good trick , and comes to a skidding stop in front of my feet, at which point he crouches, body rigid, eyes black, ears locked back, tail whipping back and forth like we are both about to be devoured by aliens only he can see. I bend over, rest a hand on his shoulders, assure him that everything is okay, that he is all right, that nothing is going to get him…. Probably NOT magic, I think, and grab a piece of toilet paper, and give the turd a gentle tug….
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